Covid19 & Effects To The Bboy Culture

2020 started off looking like a bright year for the progression of breaking…As we all wait for normal life to open up, I’ve realized that the main source of content that is cultivated from all our channels comes from the essence of the cypher, at Jams.. Before the pandemic, the practice of social distance was unheard of. If you think about it, the essence and history of bboy culture revolves aroun ppl coming together, getting down, on the FLOOR. How long will the pandemic affect the future of breaking?

As we near year 3 since this products inception, I see this “break” from our social gatherings or “Jams”, as a chance for our team to catch up on all the Breakapp posts that need polishing and build on extra app features that we’ve had on the boiler. Until then, I will hold off on any new posts to play catch up on old posts.

I know that as time goes by and we as a break society feel it’s safe to open up the cypher again, we will see that the bar has been raised and those who’ve been training will soon reshape the next era of this battle culture. See you on the other side. // B

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